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Band of Brothers Central Europe Southern Europe East Europe
 - day 0  - ( miles to travel)

A minimum of 6 participants is required, paying a rate of an average $ 250 per day, per person, exclusive of air fare. 

Participants leave USA for Londen in the United Kingdom.

Colored text, whereabouts of the 506th company, is not accurate yet.
 - day 1 - 82
Best Western Porthmouth
Welcome at London airport by  Cor Suijk
2 pm  Check-in at Portmouth hotel      

4 pm  guided tour of Portsmouth and group dinner

Evening at leisure.

Aldbourne in Wiltshire, UK home to Easy Company. Littlecote House, the headquarters of 506 PIR.


Imperial War Museum

 - day 2 - 164

in the moring to London for hop on and off double-decker city tour with stops at War Room and other WorldWar II highlights followed by dinner ( was lunch).

Cross the channel this day (late in the evening) and overnight in Calais

Following in the footsteps of the Band of Brothers will not only expose travelers to World War II history and sites, but also a diverse mix of charming villages and enticing cities. You don't have to be a war history buff to enjoy it.

  Suitehotel Calais Coquelles Tunnel

 - day 3 - 214

The artificial harbor,
prefabricated in
Great Britain
and used to bring the
equipment ashore.
In total 500.000 Tons.
11 am to Caen
dinner and stay in hotel Caen, France (2 nights)
Mercure hotel Caen     

Visit to Utah Beach Tuesday.

Brecourt Manor, where Easy Company saw its first action, and Ste Marie du Mont.
St Mere Eglise and the US Airborne museum.
Carentan, taken and held by 506 PIR.

There still is a para
trooper to watch.

 - day 4 - 90

Mercure hotel Caen

9 am
St. Mere Eglise
Point du Hoc
Omaha and Utah Beach
and American cemetery

lunch en route

Caen Memorial museum
A museum for peace, tells the story of the 20th Century. Its principal mission is stimulating awareness of the fragility of peace.
 - day 5 - 280
  9 am am Pegasus bridge, D-day & Caen Memorial (Peace) museum,
5pm to Belgium, dinner en route
2 nights hotel Aragon, Bruges  

Band of Brothers dropped behind enemy lines in Normandy on D-Day -
their first combat experience .
and they moved into Brecourt Manor, just north of Saint Marie-du-Mont, to take out a German artillary installation.

In true paratrooper’s tradition, they went on to find themselves surrounded again in Veghel and Bastogne.

Hotel Aragon Brugge

 - day 6 - 0

General Patton - Statue
9 am to Bruges, Belgium, leisure and group  dinner

They regrouped in the town of Angonoville-au-Plain and, for three weeks, attempted to capture the town of Carentan (now a village of about 7,000 people just 4 kilometers from the beachfront and a short drive to Utah Beach)

Hotel Aragon Brugge
 - day 7 - 210
Hotel van der Valk

1 pm guided Bruges city tour.
3 pm to Catherina church Eindhoven, the Netherlands,
dinner en route, further to Arnhem bridge.
Hotel in Arnhem       

The US airborne forces were the only Americans involved in the plan to end the war in 1944
Eindhoven and the drop zones for Market Garden.
506th’s objective was the bridge over the Wilhelmina canal at Son.

Continue to The Wings of Liberation museum and explore Hell’s Highway around Uden and Veghel.
 - 180
  9 am to museum Overloon and WW highlights Bastogne, Belgium,
      lunch en route, hotel in Bastogne 

Area known as ‘The Island’ where Easy Co were in the line in October and during which time they held out against and repulsed two major German counterattacks, in particular destroying two SS companies in close combat.

Battle of the Bulge. Bastogne Historical centre and Mardasson monument on the hill overlooking the town.

The woods at Foy, Noville and Rachamps - the counter offensive by 101st in January 1945 where an exhausted Easy were able to still dominate their enemy.

Hotel Melba - Bastogne
 - day 9 - 67
  11 am to Luxembourg for  Patton's grave and hotel in Echternach:
group dinner

Alsace and Hagenau where Easy Company found themselves back in the line in February 1945.  Their last major action; a night raid across the river Moder to bring back prisoners.

France in the Alsacian town of Haguenau before crossing the border nearby, entering Germany and eventually taking Hitler's compound, Eagle's Nest. Haguenau is just north of Strasbourg, seat of the European Council and European Parliament.

Hotel Ede au Lac - Echternach

 - day 10 - 260
Early departure for Remagen bridge Germany,
lunch in Wiesbaden and hotel in Würzburg
Hotel Würzburg 
 - day 11 - 89
Achat Hotel Zum Hirschen Salzburg

we start with a visit to Munich thereafter course to camp Dachau

dinner and hotel in Salzburg (2 nights)

Zell am See and Kaprun where the Band of Brothers ended the war.

 - day 12 - 128

Achat Hotel Zum Hirschen Salzburg

9 am to camp Mauthausen. (see other pages for more info)

Dinner at Mondsee, leisure time
 - day 13 - 98
  afternoon to Eaglesnest, Berchtesgaden
pass by Kaprun
dinner and airport hotel in Munich

On the 22nd April the 506th were ordered to Bavaria and on 5th of May Easy Company lead the Regiment in to Hitler’s ‘Eagles Nest’ at Berchtesgaden. A marble-lined tunnel leads into the heart of the mountain to ride in the original brass-lined elevator to the summit. It's now a restaurant.

Regent Hotel Munchen
 - day 14 - 20
  Participants will be guided to the departure check in at Munich airport
 - day 15
 Day of departure back to America.  
- day 16
For each day the total distance in miles is given as last figure in the date line.
In total: 2050 miles or 3280 kilometers.

The videos shown on the bus partly pertain to the Holocaust sites we will visit shortly before we are visiting them. For the other part they contain information regarding the cities we are approaching. Also a video about Miep Gies, the helper of Anne Frank, will be presented.
Pictures on our site are merely a way to give an impression of what we will actually see on the trip. Hotels in particular always give pictures of their most beautiful rooms.

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