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Dates according request.

16 days land only

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 - day 0

Amsterdam airport has a comfortable link to the Dutch Railways for those who travel on an own ticket to Amsterdam and arrive early.
( we can assist you with the purchase of air tickets)
This is a link to the Dutch Railways Site  enter Schiphol at "from", in the train planner.

 - day 1
The Anne Frank House

Welcome by Cor and Johan Suijk at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

They will see you to the 4-star Golden Tulip Intell hotel in the heart of Amsterdam.

At 4 pm we will escort you for a visit to the Anne Frank House, followed by a group dinner in a typical Dutch restaurant in Old Amsterdam.


  - day 2

canal boat cruise
 At 9.30 am we leave for a one hour guided visit to the Corry Ten Boom house in Haarlem, a famous, but regretfully betrayed, hide-out for Jews during the Holocaust. After group lunch en route and a meeting with a close friend of Anne Frank, we continue for Camp Westerbork, the place from where the Jews were transferred to the extermination camps in Germany and Poland. A video and an oral presentation on the bus will precede this visit.
Upon return in Amsterdam is the evening at leisure with an optional canal boat cruise at night, .

Westerbork memorial
 - day 3

Burnt down camp after the war
because of diseases risk
 We leave the Netherlands for Camp Bergen-Belsen in Germany with a video and an oral presentation on our coach. Camp Bergen-Belsen was established in 1940 by the German army as a P.O.W.
camp for captured British and Belgian soldiers. The place was handed over to the SS and became a detention center for Jews, initially intended to
exchange them against German P.O.W.'s in allied camps.
After early group dinner in our Intercity Hotel (the former Seigenberger) in Celle, the evening at leisure in the pictureresque town center of Celle.

hotel Steigenberger

  - day 4

A visit to the Wannsee Villa in Berlin
where the extermination of all
Jews was decided.
We leave Celle and proceed for Berlin. First we visit the Wannsee Villa, where in 1942 a group of 16 prominent Nazi's, 9 of them with a Ph.D.!,
decided the "Final Solution": the killing of all European Jews.
After group lunch and our check-in at the Hamburg hotel in the western center of Berlin, a guided sightseeing tour of the city will follow,
including a visit to the Jewish Museum and the new Holocaust memorial near Reichstag (German parliament) and Brandenburger Gate.
The evening will be at leisure.

hotel Hamburg

 - day 5

Jewish museum
We visit Camp Sachsenhausen in the morning, followed by a group lunch. Our coach will return to the hotel but will make drop-off stops at the point where you select to start your exploration of Berlin. Berlin has excellent public transportation, for the free use of it we will issue a ticket.
Afternoon and evening are at leisure. Berlin is a sophisticated central European metropolis, that did become again the capital of Germany. It has a western center with vibrant nightlife, parks and woodlands. The eastern part of Berlin has old townhouses, many restaurants and interesting museums.

The Brandenburger Tor

 - day 6

The Zelman and Rywka
Nozyk Synagogue.
This day will bring us to Warzaw, the capital of Poland. It is a long ride, during which we will make stops every time the need becomes manifest. En route we will enjoy group lunch, a video and presentations.
Early evening we arrive at the Holiday Inn, located next to the center of Warzaw. From experience we know that many participants will still have the energy to plunge into town.
Warzaw, that before World War II had 400,000 Jews living there, was once considered the second city of the world with New York being number 1.
Hotel Holiday Inn

 - day 7

Treblinka: The train station
After a guided tour of Warzaw, including its Holocaust sites, our bus will proceed for Camp Treblinka. A video and a presentation will prepare us for this visit.

En route to Krakow, we will enjoy group lunch. Upon our check-in at the Radisson SAS hotel we will escort you to a point with a choice of restaurants
Hotel Radisson SAS
 - day 8

Auschwitz entrance
Full day guided visit to Camp Auschwitz and Birkenau, preceded by a video on the bus. All over the world the name Auschwitz has become a symbol of genocide and of the Holocaust. Near Auschwitz a group lunch will be offered.
Late afternoon we will return to the hotel, where you are invited to board a "tram"
for a tour of the city that will also pass by Schindlers' factory in which work place over 1000 Jews were saved from death. The tram will drop you off at a point with a choice of restaurants, not far from the hotel.
Hotel Radisson SAS
 - day 19

Synagogue in Budapest

Today we travel through Slovakia, having a group lunch en route in a Slovakian restaurant. Crossing its border we enter Hungary where in
Budapest the Hilton hotel is expecting us. The hotel is situated on the top of a hill, most spectacularly overlooking the city and the Danube. The evening will be at leisure.
Owing to its important geographical location and its role in history, the region is cultural heir both to the Roman Empire and to Christian, modern Europe in which the millennium-old Hungarian State is firmly rooted.

Hilton Hotel

 - day 10

The Chain Bridge connecting Buda and Pest
A full day in Budapest with a guided city tour in the afternoon, including a visit to its Jewish section, followed by a group dinner in an authentic Hungarian restaurant.
The German army occupied Hungary in March 1944. Ghetto's were established and 500,000 people were sent to the extermination camps in a few months time.
Hilton Hotel Budapest
  - day 11

Palace Schoenbrunn Vienna.
The history goes back to the beginning of the 14th century.

Palace Hofburg, below will be visited

We leave Hungary, heading for Vienna in Austria where, after group lunch and checking in at the Radisson SAS Palace hotel, a bus tour of the city will take place, including a visit to the Hofburg palace, once the residence of the Austrian Emperors and also of (tragic) Empress Sissy.
Till 1918, surrounded by 7 other countries, Austria was a large state, ruled by the Habsburg family. Even Poland, Hungary and part of Italy once belonged to Austria. Still today many traces of its multicultural history and various ethnic races can be found. Vienna, the capital of the country is a cosmopolitan city where important international meetings take place.

R.S. Palais Hotel

 - day 12

Camp Mauthausen

 On our journey from Vienna to Prague in the Czech Republic a 3 hour visit to Camp Mauthausen has been planned. After group lunch we proceed for the Dorint Novotel Don Giovanni hotel in Prague.
The Czech Republic has many mountains, highlands but also canyons, lakes and lowlands. The Vlatava river crosses Prague under its numerous old and marvelous bridges. The center of Prague is an open-air museum of almost a thousand years of architecture.

Don Giovani
 - day 13


In the morning we visit the Prague castle, from where we walk down to the Karlsbridge, providing a view of the city nothing short of breathtaking. After group lunch at the Clock Tower Square, a guided tour of the old town, including its former Jewish section will take place.
Rest of afternoon and evening at leisure.

The Clock tower Square
  - day 14

Visit to the Ghetto museum

Lidice memorial

Guided morning visit to Terezin Ghetto and the Lidice village. Of the 503 people who once lived in Lidice, 340 perished as victims of an act of retaliation, committed by the SS after the assassination of Heydrich, the Nazi governor. 143 women returned from Ravensbruck after the war, while 17 children, adopted by German families, were recovered after a two year long search.

Hereafter we continue for Nuremberg. Here we first drive by the court building where once the Nazi leadership was tried and executed. Regretfully the place is not open to the public, because it still functions as a court building.

We then go to the Hilton hotel for check-in and a group dinner followed by an evaluation meeting.

HILTON hotel
Group dinner and
evaluation meeting.

 - day 15
Nuernberg Main Headquarter
The Hauhaus on the
In the morning we will visit the former Nazi Headquarters and Rally grounds.
Every September from 1933 until 1938 the German Nazi party held its annual rallies in Nuremberg. The place was seen as richest in German history. We then proceed for the Netherlands, having a lunch stop en route.
Early in the evening we arrive at hotel Van der Valk at Schiphol airport where we will enjoy a group dinner a la carte. Our coach and master driver Frank Corty will return home at this time.
Schiphol vd Valk

 - day 16

The hotel shuttle bus will see our participants to Amsterdam Schiphol airport for
the departure to their respective home cities in the USA.



The videos shown on the bus partly pertain to the Holocaust sites we will visit shortly before we are visiting them. For the other part they contain information regarding the cities we are approaching. Also a video about Miep Gies, the helper of Anne Frank, will be presented.
Pictures on our site are merely a way to give an impression of what we will actually see on the trip. Hotels in particular always give pictures of their most beautiful rooms.
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