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Southern Europe Journey Itinerary Example


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Dates according request.

Band of Brothers Central Europe Southern Europe East Europe
 - Day 0

Please have a look at our links-page with U.S. government advice for travel abroad.
The trip begins by heading for Brussels in Belgium
with a meal on board the aircraft.

At the airport is waiting our luxurious coach that will be with us during the tour. A spacious and well-equipped coach for a very comfortable tour.
 - Day 1

Fort Breendonk Built and used during the First World War, it was modified by the Germans and used as a cruel interrogation center and also as a transit camp during the Second World War.
Today a group meal.
We will visit Caen and stay in this area for 3 nights.

Novotel Rouen
 - Day 2

we come by the church of Sainte Mere Eglise, the first liberated village! Who doesn't remember the para hanging on the Churchclock. He is still hanging there, replaced by a doll.
A visit to Point du Hoc and Omaha Beach
Omaha Beach, where the invasion started, will be visited.

A group lunch today.

  Omaha beach 1944
 - Day 3

wide screen movie in the museum

This day visit to the D-Day museum,

American cemetary,

group lunch
   and the Peace museum.

Novotel Rouen

 - Day 4

Last day on the West Coast of France and thereafter by bus to Limoges.
A group dinner with meeting afterwards.

 - Day 5

Photo of before war

Visit Oradour-sur-Glane.
We stay at this "where time stood still" museum for 3 hours. This town is still in the state it was left in by the Nazi German forces on June the 10th 1944.
Group lunch around noon
And then to St.Etienne

 - Day 6

Birds eye view of Le Chambon.

Visit to Le Chambon During World War II, 5000 people of Le Chambon, a small village in the mountains sheltered an estimated 5000 Jews.
Group lunch.

We stay for two nights in the 4 star Westminster Hotel in Nice


 - Day 7

This day you may decide for yourself or by group where to go. We of course assist you with making a choice and the necessary maps and/or tickets.

Today too a group dinner.
In the evening a meeting.

 - Day 8


group lunch


Montecatini hotel, 2 nights

<  The leaning tower.

hotel di Montecatini

 - Day 9

Full day in Florence, which has many musea and the choice is yours. Documentation will be provided to find your way and discover the interesting landmarks.

group dinner


 - Day 10

The city of Treviso is in the north-eastern corner of Italy, just a short distance from Venice. It is quieter than its neighbour and makes it the ideal place to prepare ourselves for Venice. Not in the least because of this magnificent Hotel Boscolo Meg Consiglio

group dinner in the hotel

Hotel Boscolo

 - Day 11

Full day in VENICE  As you approach the city over the bridge from the Italian mainland, you leave behind terra firma and, with it, earthbound notions of how to see and experience a city. Venice is not solely the spill of churches and palazzi on either side of the Grand Canal, but rather a city of islands, 118 in all, some of which are little more than the weedy, humps you see in the Lagoon of Venice.
Group dinner

hotel Boscolo
 - Day 12
The Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial from Nandor Gild

(1968. in Bronze 21 feet high and 52 feet wide.)
Group Lunch en route.
is the gateway to the Bavarian Alps, which stretch out to Italy. Bavarian food and beer are famous. In the center of the city is the Marienplatz surrounded by restaurants where its famous Glockenspiel carillon will highlight our morning breakfast.
In the 4 star Arabella Sheraton Grand Hotel

Arabella Sheraton

 - Day 13

The Death March from Dachau. A sculpture at Yad Vashem.

Camp Dachau was one of the first Nazi concentration camps.These places were essential for the oppression and mass murder of Jews and all other groups that were not appealing to the ideas of the New Reich.
Group lunch

Arabella Sheraton Grand Hotel

 - Day 14

Group lunch today
Tour through Luxembourg.
To Brussels airport hotel for the departure next morning

This is a tour with many miles on the bus but you'll see a great part of Europe, historical and world war II related

- Day 15

Flight home


The videos shown on the bus partly pertain to the Holocaust sites we will visit shortly before we are visiting them. For the other part they contain information regarding the cities we are approaching. One video concerns the life of Miep Gies, Anne Frank's helper.
Pictures are merely a way to give an impression of what we will actually see on the trip. Hotels in particular always give pictures of their most beautiful rooms.
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