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last update 26 october 2016 

OUR 2017 12 day holocaust
TOUR in detail

June 16 - June 28

Rate approximately $ 3.700,- and for single travelers approximately $ 4.600,- excluding airfare cost

Relevant movies and documentaries are shown en route on the bus.

Participants travel in 1 comfortable business class coach. Johan Suijk as fulltime escort. They stay in center city luxury hotels with buffet breakfast, and an a la carte 3 course dinner daily. All local guides, admissions and gratuities included. At meals other than soft drinks will be at the participant's expense. Tipping is not expected nor accepted.

 2017 June 12 days journey
14 days including airtravel
2017 - Wednesday (day 0) June 14

is a good choice

Leave USA for Europe.

Destination will be Amsterdam (Schiphol Airport) in the Netherlands Arrival time Thursday morning

participants usually use the internet to purchase the ticket that matches their wishes

Take the Shuttle bus from airport to “Hotel Schiphol A4”
2017 - Thursday (day 1) June 15

Amsterdam, a town built in and on the water.

left for information
middle for time schedule
right for the hotels
    with link to their website

participants arrive at Amsterdam Airport and check-inn “Hotel Schiphol A4”  (shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel)

the bus

Hotel  Schiphol

Hotel Schiphol A4
Rijksweg A4-3, 2132MA Schiphol +31.25.267 53 35

2017 - Friday (day 2) - June 16
Corry Ten Boom museum, Haarlem
 Much of the house has been refurbished to appear as it did in the 1940's. Visitors can see the actual "hiding place," which is a small area behind a false wall in Corrie's bedroom. This is where Jews and others were safely hidden from the Nazis.

The hidden entrance to the loft.


9.00 am
Participants will come to the lobby and welcomed by Johan Suijk

10.00 am
Corry Ten Boom museum, Haarlem

12.30 pm
after lunch break, Canal Cruise

2.30 pm
Anne Frank House

6.00 pm
Check-in Van der Valk A1, hotel, Amersfoort, dinner, a la carte

the Anne Frank House in the center of Amsterdam where you may (optional) visit the hiding place of Anne Frank and her family.

Here they were safe for a long time. This is also the place where Anne wrote her famous diary. The permanent exhibition shows a part of the original diary. A tour through the house is certainly a moving experience.

Hotel VanderValk - Amersfoort

Van der Valk A1
Ruimtevaart 22, Amersfoort
Tel +31.33.454.000

buffet dinner

2017 - Saturday  (day 3) - June 17
audio assisted visit former Nazi Headquarters

As Nazi headquarter.

Every September from 1933 untill 1938 the NSDAP held its annual rallies in Nuremberg. This place was seen as the city richest in German history.

Nuernberg Main Headquarter,
  The Hauhaus on  Marienplatz

As Newspaper office, now.

7.30 am  
to Nuremberg Germany

3.00 pm   
after lunch break audio assisted visit former Nazi Headquarters

5.00 pm    Courtroom,

6.30 pm    check-in Best Western hotel, Nuremberg  dinner in local restaurant, a la carte

Court House Neurenberg (Nuremberg).

Nazis were tried for crimes against peace and humanity in the Schwurgerichtssaal 600 (Courtroom 600). The Allies chose Nuremberg for obvious symbolic reasons. The building was also easily accessible and one of few such complexes to survive the war intact. Held between 1945 and 1946, 22 leaders and 150 underlings were convicted; dozens were executed. Since 2010 there is museum.

Best Western hotel Nuremberg

Best Western Nuremberg,   Regerstrasse 6, Nuremberg +49-91121755806

inside court house

2017 - Sunday  (day 4)  - June 18
Berchtesgaden and visit Eagles Nest

you will walk through a marble-lined tunnel 400 feet into the heart of the mountain.  There you will ride the original brass elevator 400 feet straight up into the Eagle's Nest building at the top of the mountain.

Beside camps where the Jews were used for labor, there were the so called POW's, prisoner-of-war camps and transit camps. Worst of all, of course were the death camps, but in all camps the living conditions were far below anything considered acceptable.

Camp Dachau was one of the first Nazi concentration camps.These places were essential for the oppression and mass murder of Jews and all other groups that were not appealing to the ideas of the New Reich.

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial
8.00 am
  to Dachau, Munich,

12.00 am
  after lunch break
  further to Salzburg,

3.00 pm  Visit Eagles Nest

6.00 pm
  check-in Imlauer Hotel,
  dinner a la Carte

7.30 pm
  walk Old Town Salzburg

Memorial "Grave of thousands unknown"

B.W. Imlauer Hotel

Best Western Imlauer Hotel
Rainerstraße 12-14 A-5020
Salzburg Tel +4366288992

2017 - Monday  (day 5)   - June 19
Mauthausen in Austria.
Visit to the Camp
In March of 1938 the "Anschluss" took place, Austria joined Germany. That same year the Mauthausen concentration camp was established close to the city of Linz, which was designated as the "Führer" town. 300 Inmates started the construction of the camp which reached completion around 1942.

Most of the inmates were forced to perform extreme hard labor in the quarry, which often led to their physical breakdown. On May 5, 1945 Mauthausen was liberated by the U.S. army.

Introductory video on the bus and audio assisted visit
8.00 am   To Mauthausen, Austria

10.00am    Guided visit camp Mauthausen including the Stairs

12.30 pm    after lunch break further to Praque

 7.00 pm    check-in K+K, dinner, a la carte local restaurant

Camp Mauthausen
K+K Hotel Central

Hybrenska 10,
Chech Republik

2017 - Tuesday  (day 6)  - June 20

Terezin for 3 hour guided visit to the Ghetto museum with a permanent exhibition on its history. And to the s mall fortress, the former camp and the Jewish Cemetery with an exhibition and a memorial.

Ghetto residents were interned here until the Nazis dispersed the ashes in an attempt to cover their crimes.
8.00 am
  To Terezin, guided visit
   Small Fortress and Ghetto

3.00 pm visit Hradčany Castel;
  walk down to Center Prague
   and leisure in  town

7.00 pm  dinner, a la carte,
  local restaurant

K+K Hotel Central
K und K hotel Prague

Hybrenska 10,
Chech Republik
2017 - Wednesday  (day 7)    - June 21
Krakow city centre Most of the major cities of pre-war Poland were devastated during World War II. Kraków, one of the biggest and most crucial cities of southern Poland, remained almost untouched.

Main Market Square (view from St. Mary's Church)
8.00 am
  Departure for

4.00 pm
  Check-in Andel's
  hotel, Krakow,
  followed by
  old town Walk,


check-in and dinner in

Hotel Andel's

Hotel Andel's
PL 31-154 Cracow
ul. Pawia 3
Tel.: + 48-126600100

2017 - Thursday  (day 8)    - June 22
Schindlers' factory prominantly featured in the film.

On the factory grounds is a plaque:
"The workplace over 1000 Jewish nationality persons. During second world war saved their life by Oskar Schindler".

This Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp was a network of Nazi concentration and extermination camps built and operated by the Third Reich in Polish areas annexed by Nazi Germany during World War II. It was the largest of the German concentration camps, consisting of Auschwitz I (the Stammlager or base camp); Auschwitz II–Birkenau (the Vernichtungslager or extermination camp); Auschwitz III–Monowitz, also known as Buna–Monowitz (a labor camp); and 45 satellite camps.[2]

9.00 am
  visit of Schindler's factory    
1.00 pm
  After lunch break
  guided visit Auschwitz    
7.30 pm  dinner a la Carte  

Although the former ghetto had largely fallen into decline since World War II, the area is rapidly changing in response to the renewed interest brought about by the film, Schindler's List and the Jewish culture, if not the Jewish community, is being revived with lively Klezmer concerts in the city's theaters.

Krakow for
check-in and dinner in
Hotel Andel's

Hotel Andel's
PL 31-154 Cracow
ul. Pawia 3
Tel.: + 48-126600100

2017 -  Friday  (day 9)    - June 23
Berlin is a sophisticated central European metropolis and again Germany's capital. It has a western area with real nightlife, parks and woodlands. The eastern part of Berlin has old townhouses and many restaurants.

Berlin former Checkpoint Charlie - Friedrichsstrasse.

8.00 am  Departure for Berlin

4.30 pm  Check-in
  Golden Tulip Hotel
  leisure in town

7.00 pm
  dinner a la Carte

Brandenburg Tor

Golden Tulip Hotel

Golden Tulip
   Hotel Hamburg
Landgrafenstrasse 4,
Berlin +49.30.264770

2017 - Saturday   (day 10)    - June 24
Wannsee Villa where the extermination of all Jews was decided. 

In 1942 a group of 16 prominent Nazi's, 9 of them with a PhD, decided the "Final Solution": the killing of all European Jews.
9.30 am visit Wannsee Villa

3.30 pm  guided visit
  Female Camp Ravensbrueck

7.30 pm  Golden Tulip hotel,   dinner


In 1939, the SS had the largest women's concentration camp in the German Reich built in the Prussian village of Ravensbrück

Golden Tulip Hotel

Golden Tulip
   Hotel Hamburg
Landgrafenstrasse 4,
Berlin +49.30.264770

2017 - Sunday   (day 11)    - June 25

Jewish museum Berlin

Well known is the Brandenburg Tor, the gate that to June (since 1989) is the symbol of unity, former glory of the nazi's.

9.00 am 3 hour guided sightseeing bus tour Berlin

12.00 pm after lunch break
  further to Celle

17.00 pm  check-in Inter City
  hotel Celle, buffet dinner

Brandenburg Tor

Inter City Hotel Celle

Nordwall 22, 29221 Celle
Tel: +49-51412000

2017 - Monday  (day 12) - June 26
Camp museum and cemetery, the camp was established in 1940 by the army as a P.O.W. camp for captured French and Belgian soldiers. The camp was handed over to the SS and became a detention place for Jews, initially intended to exchange them for Germans held prison abroad.

In March 1944, Bergen-Belsen became a regular concentration camp, holding thousands of prisoners including the now-famous Anne Frank.

9.00 am Departure
  for Camp Bergen Belsen,
  further to Amsterdam;

  lunch en route

7.00 pm Check-in
  Van der Valk Hotel
  Amsterdam Airport
  captain's dinner

Hotel  Schiphol

Hotel Schiphol A4
Rijksweg A4-3, 2132MA Schiphol +31.25.267 53 35

2017 - Tuesday (back home day)    June 27
luxe-bus Return to the USA

or maybe an extension of your stay in Europe, we love to help you planning this.



.. airco hotels with breakfast

.. admission fees and tour guides

.. ground travel in private coach

.. movies, documentaries, and
    much Holocaust information
    on the bus

.. en route itinerary changes
    possible if all agree

.. seasoned driver and escort

Basically only the counter lunch and drinks en route are the
 participant's responsibility.

Our mini bus for small groups

Nature of the tour is that of a moving classroom. En route video presentation and info re the vital aspects of the places visited will be given. Cor will attend at several place where he also offers challenging views on human behavior and State policies as well as many anecdotes. 

Relevant movies and documentaries are shown en route on the bus.

Participants travel in a comfortable business class coach with 2 drivers and Johan Suijk as fulltime escort. They stay in center city luxury hotels with buffet breakfast, and an a la carte 3 course dinner daily. All local guides,admissions and gratuities included. At meals other than soft drinks will be at the participant´s expense. Tipping is not expected nor accepted.

The June tour will have the green light if sufficient demand exists.

If you bring a roommate we offer the trip for Euro 2,950 per person
exclusive of airfare. Single room Euro 3,680.
Sometimes we manage to provide the address of a possible rooommate for you to contact and to agree with first

For your enrollment we need a down payment of 250 Dollar per person (equal to Euro 190), not later than 10 weeks before departure date. For details see our reservation page.

We make hotel and local guide reservations in advance, therefore, enrollment requires a non refundable $250 deposit.

 I gladly look forward to your response!
May 2013 Cor made this anouncement: "Living up to the age of 90, I feel compelled to terminate my activity as narrator on the twelve days European History Tours". We are sorry to inform you that Cor didn't make it come true, he died June 4th 2014 and you may read more on www.suijk.org


The videos shown on the bus partly pertain to the Holocaust sites we will visit shortly before we are visiting them. For the other part they contain information regarding the cities we are approaching. One video concerns the life of Miep Gies, Anne Frank's helper.
Pictures are merely a way to give an impression of what we will actually see on the trip. Hotels in particular always give pictures of their most beautiful rooms.

A Not For Profit Travel Bureau - www.eurohistour.com

Foundation ECHT
Dutch Registration Nr.32091334
Johan Suijk
Braamkamp 184
7206HJ Zutphen
The Netherlands

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